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First, let’s calculate how many hours you use your studio each year.
  How many estimated hours a day do you use your studio on a typical weekday? average 8
  How many estimated hours a day do you use your studio on a typical weekend day? average 6
  How many estimated hours of special events usage do you have each week? average 4
  Weekly Total:
Your Annual Hours of Studio Use:
Now, Let’s get an idea of your current studio configuration
Enter the quantity of each lighting fixture in your studio.
Choose from the list below. If your particular lights are not available to choose from, find the light closest in wattage and use that one.
  1k Fresnel average 10  
  2K Fresnel average 6  
  1K Soft average 10    
  650W Frensel average 15    
  750W Source 4 average 8    
Let’s figure out how much your lights are costing you.
Energy Charges (average kWh charge)
What is the average Kilowatt/Hour Charge?

Total Energy Charge + Demand + Fees + Taxes / Total Kilowatt-Hours  
What do you pay to relamp/refocus your lights?
Labor to relamp/refocus (Rate x Lamps x ARC*)  
Note: This Formula uses ARC
* ARC - Annual Replacement Cycle is studio use divided by the manufacturer's average lamp life data.

Current Annual Studio Operating Cost
Comparable Litepanels Operating Cost
Savings by switching to Litepanels
Percentage Savings
Estimated Upfront Cost of a Litepanels LED Conversion Project
Years until Litepanels replacement required (50% output)

ROI - Return on Investment (in Years)